Friday, February 9, 2018

Non Album Collection 112

Udolfo – The Watch with the 7 Rubies

In the eighteenth century, the public writer and detective Udolfo and his assistant Tirelire are contacted by Clarissa, a young woman chased by the notary's gang who wants to steal the watch with the seven rubies owned by the watchmaker Nicolas, the father of Clarissa...

Howard - Dirty Fred, the Skipper

Smiling Jim was going back to the bar where he spent a lovely evening beating two dozen men unconscious. He forgot his knife in a sailor. Said sailor was alive and kicking and offered Jimmy a job aboard a luxury cruiser. There the young master criminal has to deal with murder mystery, mass hysteria, and sleeping on the job. Later - as it so often happens to heroes of epic novels - he meets the prince of an island nation who wishes to switch roles with him for a day. From there one storyline follows the adventures of the young prince in the Singapore underworld after he is sold into slavery for two and a half dollars (which seems like a bargain price for undercover royalty). The other consists of the journals of his quasi-illiterate grace, king Smiling de James, the first of his name. Their quests are haunted by the mysterious living legend of the seas, Captain Dirty Fred, whose fiendishly clever schemes will decide the fate of both the prince and the pauper...

The Mission (Sebok) (1971)

Péter Zsoldos was a Hungarian science fiction author who largely wrote about themes common in US/UK science fiction like space travel and robots. In The Mission, he describes an even closer contact: the dead astronauts' personalities revive in the brains of inhabitants of the distant planet, thus creating an exciting coexistence of differently evolved intellects sharing one body.


Udolfo – The Watch with the 7 Rubies (Scanlation)-(Dreamer).cbr | 71.55 MB | LINK:
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  1. Hello Admin, your uploads are Great . . . !! But the primary attraction of this site for me was the French and Italian comics in its original format. I have no problem with the English translations, but can we also have the original formats , specially the french ones ? It would be really nice to have the original French versions side by side of those translations . As I am a beginner level French learner, the French ones are very dear to me . Please think it over :) Have a Nice Day :)

  2. I am told that several other books of the Dirty Fred serie are already scanlated to ENG. Any chance of seeing them here? Thx,