Friday, February 23, 2018

Kelly Green

Leonard Starr, of Little Orphan Annie fame, and Stan Drake, of Blondie fame, teamed up in 1980 to begin crafting a series of what were then known as graphic albums for the French publisher Dargaud. These graphic albums—what we would now call graphic novels—were geared toward an adult audience and featured nudity and violence, the likes of which would have horrified most Sunday comics readers in America. Though long out of print, Dargaud released English-language versions of these graphic novels in the United States in the early 1980s, under the series title Kelly Green, named after the main character of the books. And as obscure as they are today, they are, simply put, some of the best-looking crime comics ever produced.
Written by Leonard Starr and drawn by Stan Drake, the Kelly Green volumes are definitely worth tracking down. For Dargaud in Paris, he created Kelly Green with Stan Drake in 1980. This series of graphic novels about the sexy and capable female action heroine Kelly Green, were illustrated by Drake.


Kelly Green 01 - The Go-Between (1982) (Scanlation) (bronzeageofblogs).cbz | 24.63 MB | LINK:
Kelly Green 2 - One, Two, Three...Die (Dargaud-1983) (Rumor-Novus-HD).cbz | 66.48 MB | LINK:
Kelly Green 03 - The Million Dollar Hit (Dargaud-1983) (Rumor-Novus-HD).cbz | 65.73 MB | LINK:
Kelly Green 04 - The Blood Tapes (Dargaud-1984) (Rumor-Novus-HD).cbz | 65.4 MB | LINK:


  1. 5th book is missing, pl make it available
    fifth book - The Comic-Con Heist.

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