Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cromwell Stone

Cromwell Stone - French series comic by Andreas Martens , published by the publishing house Delcourt in the years 1984-2004.
Series takes place over several decades, the first half of the twentieth century. Cromwell Stone is one of the passengers of the ship released into the wild after learning it by rebellious crew. It turns out, however, that in the coming years dies under mysterious circumstances, most of the survivors. Stone senses, that may be the next.


Cromwell Stone 001 (1992) (c2c) (Darwination-DCP).cbr | 38.10MB | LINK:
Cromwell Stone 02 - The Return of Cromwell Stone (1994) (TEAM-ScanlationValley).cbr | 29.59MB | LINK:
Cromwell Stone 03 - The Testament of Cromwell Stone (Scanlation) (TEAM-Scanlation Valley).cbr | 19.26MB | LINK:


Cromwell.Stone.POLiSH.Comic.eBook-PCG.cbr | 74.31 MB | LINK:


Cromwell Stone Int├ęgrale.pdf | 526 MB | LINK:


  1. I don't even remotely get what these lines are trying to express. ;-)

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your great service.

  2. Yes! As a fan of Andreas, I also highly appreciate this upload! Thank you so much! If you ever find his dilogy Cyrus-Mil or his one-shots ('Le Triangle rouge' or 'Styx', where he's inked the great Foerster, for instance), I wonder how they'll fit your serialised categories.

    Anyway, just as the anonymous commentator above, I'd advise you to rephrase your plot summary. I'm no native speaker, so I won't lecture you, but still, reading it hurts my brains...