Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Rork is a series of eight graphic novels by German comic author Andreas. It is also the name of the protagonist of the series. The Rork series is notable for its use of allegory, mysticism, visual sequencing and unusual "dynamic" framing, with a visual structure and rhythm rather uncommon in European comics. Many mysteries explored in the various albums are not revealed until the seventh album and some albums of the twin Capricorne series, and even then many enigmas remain unanswered for the reader.
The character Rork is a white-haired "wizard" from another dimension who solves supernatural mysteries, before embarking on a quest to discover his origins. During his quest, he is assisted by a cast of characters including occult detective Raffington Event, astrologer Capricorn, the psychic Deliah Darkthorne (aka "Low Valley") and her daughter Sy-Ra, the immortal Yosta, and others. His enemies are the mysterious Pharass and Dahmaloch, revealed to be an analogy for the Devil himself in the later and twin Capricorne series.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The terrible Captain Meriadec believes in the existence of a mysterious map of hidden worlds. He therefore penetrates with his men the legendary forest of scissy to try to entice dame Eloam, a guide of the elven people... But leaving this place is not so easy and there will be many dangers. Why did Meriadec decide to take such risks? What is he looking for? Dragonblood. A comic by Jean-Luc Istin and Guy Michel.
The captain Hannibal and his gang of pirates are not choirboys. That will not stop them from launching an expedition in the footsteps of a simple local legend: that of Mell-Talec, korrigan mythical pirate, who gained his fame thanks to the magic of a unique card, that of the Sidh worlds determined to seize Hannibal sailed to the island of Chausey, the first stage of his odyssey.

Monday, November 28, 2016


Kelsey Fontina is an ex-cop adrift. He lives aboard the ark stellar Infinity, who travels the galactic borders for generations in search of a new world. This huge floating city has all the megalopolis through an earth following the growing number of passengers. All legal passengers are connected to this closed universe by cerebral connector that allows them to stay informed about new laws or take advantage of the latest developments in entertainment. The Fontina connector fails, which forced him to take early retirement, disability which now makes him a second citizen zone. Lorsque the son of his neighbor is attacked by two thugs, Fontina can not help to intervene. It supports the fate of the boy and found him a new reason to live. For Kelsey Fontina, the real troubles are only beginning. Flywires. A comic by Chuck Austen and Matt Cossin.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


In a retro futuristic world, a man of strange appearance arrives in a megalopolis. Imposing physique, dress worrying aspect, awkward gait. This man has just left his village for the first time and his first contact with the city is a shock. As it is not expressed, the reason for his trip is a mystery. The only certainty all those he met in town since he died in agony just after having crossed, killed in unexplained circumstances. Bramble. A comic by Jean-David Morvan and Nesmo.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Inspector Canardo

Inspector Canardo is a comics series created by the Belgian artist Benoît Sokal. He was named after the French noun canard, which means "duck" or "drake". Sokal created the character Inspector Canardo after graduating from Institut Saint-Luc, at the age of 20. He first drew his comics for the magazine À Suivre but after the comic became popular, they were published as albums by Casterman.

  • Canardo
The eponymous character and the protagonist of the series, Canardo is an anthropomorphic duck who has a career as a private investigator. While he is seldom seen on paid assignments, he tends to end up in dangerous situations everywhere. He is also often used as a pawn in bigger schemes because of his expendability. He suffers from severe personal problems, including vast consumption of beer to forget the unfortunate events he has gone through. While Canardo is quite skilled both in armed and unarmed combat, he is more of an everyman than a traditional hero.
Interestingly, Canardo has died, at least seemingly, several times. Most of these happen in the comics written for À Suivre. In the first incident, Canardo is about to be lynched by an angry crowd when he falls in a pit filled with urine, where he supposedly drowns. In the next comic, he is alive and well. Later, he is shot to death after being tricked by Clara. Canardo jokingly refers to this incident in the next comic, claiming that the "blood" was actually tomato sauce. In the last short comic, Canardo commits suicide, although this presumably happens chronologically after all other adventures. In the album La Fille qui rêvait d'horizon (1999), Canardo's Cadillac collides with Rasputin's motorbike, causing an explosion that is implied to have killed both Canardo and Rasputin.

  • Clara
One of the first recurring characters in the series, Clara is a femme fatale whose lust for power has led her to do extreme things. In her first appearance, she uses Canardo to kill a mobster cat named Fritz, resulting in Canardo being shot. Despite the hostility between the two, they apparently have romantic feelings for each other, although this is less evident in Clara's later appearances. Like Canardo, Clara has survived several evident deaths.

  • Rasputin
Rasputin is a huge, violent evil mystic who lives in Siberia. He and his band of raiders have terrorized Siberian villages for years. Rasputin is obsessed with immortality, and has his assistant prepare numerous medicines to slow down his natural aging. When he learns that one of his supposedly dead daughters is alive, he decides to abandon his potions and instead find the daughter and make her his successor. After the plan fails, he blames Canardo, sparking hostility between the two.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Aritz and his companions will leave for Mexico to attend a pelota competition. They will provide assistance to a young boy who takes them on a journey to the lands of the Huichol Indians. There, our héroes discover an unknown world where nothing is quite as it seems. A comic by Pello Gutierrez and Daniel Redondo.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Betrayed, Blanche Entremonde was beaten to Saint-Alban. However, the young woman did not admit defeat and wants to reclaim his throne. For this she is ready for anything, even to forge alliances with the prince of darkness! Spellbound.
First volume of the diptych Charms signed by Jean Dufaux and José Luis Munuera! This unique duo takes us on a fantastic Middle Ages populated by witches, hunchbacks and demons. On the death of his father, Blanche becomes the Queen of Entremonde while a war is imminent. Her mother and brother are looking to kill a jilted lover and uses the demons for revenge. But the prince of the world In the Netherlands, Maldoror, is especially very attractive.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Last Templar

New York, today. At an exhibition on the treasures of the Vatican, four horsemen dressed as Templar arise and steal an object. This disappearance worried to no end that the Vatican understands that this spectacular flight has a connection with a secret dating back to the thirteenth century. This object, recovered by the Templars can simply questioning the foundations of Christianity! An FBI agent associated with a young archaeologist, goes in search of the object: a survey of all the dangers. The Last Templar. A comic by Raymond Khoury and Miguel Lalor.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Kairos is the time to act, the decisive moment when everything changes. That split second can change a destination. One who dominates Kairos is invincible. A comic by Ulysses Malassagne.
For Nills, this weekend will be decisive! He who thinks a trip in head-to-head in the family home of his companion, Anaëlle, will quickly understand that this is primarily a challenge to their relationship. a too heavy burden on the shoulders of the young woman, yet strong and independent. a deeply buried secret, she fears the consequences if Nills were to find out. but fate will open for her to break past that gnaws and revelations when night, in a rumbling, strange creatures come to prevail in their world. when Nills decides to dive into this other world to rescue his beloved, he does not yet know that it will change his life. This split second, that decisive moment where a choice can just tilt, where a peaceful life can turn into extraordinary adventure is the "Kairos"!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The New Tsars

1991, the Soviet Union is no more. Nevertheless, with the exception of the countries of Eastern Europe, all states that become "independent" remain under Moscow's benevolent influence. This fragmentation greatly favours the emergence of the Russian Mafia. Just think about it this way : Russian political figures at the highest levels are corrupt, colluding with disillusioned military leaders in search of money, and all of them having dealings with the Chechen rebellion. If we add an investigation conducted by members of the FSB (ex-KGB) to the cauldron and stir. Graphically, Jean-Yves Delitte offers us a classic design. The line is simple and the colour layout highlights the gray and cold of Russian winters. The New Tsars.
Yuri Vladimir is a forty-something. A highly qualified physicist who performed his military service in the Soviet Army, he left the Soviet Union for Europe in the late 80s and was soon recruited by a NATO nuclear control office. He is regularly sent to Russia to oversee the dismantling of nuclear weapons. During one of these stays, he witnesses a conspiracy and becomes a marked man.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


The world changes. The quarrels which tore nations are terminated and the administration of President Harmond is no stranger to this welcome development. Former Hawk removed from power, Senator Pershing wants to know the bottom of this upheaval of the international landscape. To find out, he has no choice but to appeal to agents of a very special kind: the pensanguins. Collateral damage of a failed experiment, they are able to read the thoughts of anyone almost! Julian Lethercore is one of them. And he will not have too much of his gift for understanding what is happening. ONE. Screenplay: Sylvain Cordurié | Design: Zivorad Radivojevic.
Today, a woman waits in a downpour that a friend comes home and she imposes on her porch. Man welcomes and invites it to dry off when the woman discovered under his raincoat an explosive belt ... it clicks. The media immediately turns Info: Delade the biologist was killed in an attack. Hearing the news, community members "reluctant" recluse living in a military camp guarded by watchtowers, worry and plan the escape. A few days later, it was the turn of the CIA director perish under a rocket "white cross" extremist group rampant on American soil. The country's president, Democrat Harmond, gives orders to finish with neo-Nazis and the reluctant. In New York, Julian Lethercope happens when in his last evening with his girlfriend, journalist at the Daily Newyorker. The next day, it is required for a top-secret mission that only he can perform. For Lethercope is not an ordinary man, he is a "pensanguin" since it has been in contact with simple organic molecule to a third party, he can read his thoughts. He shares this "superpower" with a handful of guinea pigs suffering the biological program "Pocket" in the 90.

Friday, November 18, 2016


Pandala is a peaceful island where a tragedy occurs: the village of Pandawas is attacked and destroyed. Following this tragic event, a panda, the only survivor of the village, hand in an initiatory quest. Faced with the fauna of this vast island, its goal is to find those responsible for the carnage. Full of discoveries and encounters adventure begins for him. The action takes place on Pandala an island DOFUS World, populated by the people of Pandawas. A comic Tot and Bertrand Hottin.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Child of the Storm

Orphaned by lightning. Possessor of an unimaginable strength. Destined for legendary feats. He is the Child of the Storm. Fear the tempest. Writer : Manuel Bichebois, Didier Poli. Art : Manuel Bichebois, Didier Poli, Giulio Zeloni.
A critically-acclaimed start for a comic book series (L’Enfant de l’Orage) from the French creative team of writer Manuel Bichebois and artist Didier Poli about an orphan child possessing great powers. This is a Minutemen scan with translation by Darthscanner (presumably also the original uploader) and lettering by Zack (hence, the "DarthZack" in the filename).

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


In a police station, a man is being interrogated. The cops want him to explain ‘what he did to Carol’. The man – Polza Mancini, 38 years old, once a writer, now homeless – tells them his story, in his own words, in his own time. He will tell them how, when his father died, he was exposed for the first time to ‘the blast’ – a savage epiphany that allowed him a momentary glimpse of a world unfettered by limits or morality – and how that vision transformed him. It was a complete upheaval for this unhappy, overweight 38-year-old, who overnight decided to leave everything – his wife, his home, his job – in order to lose himself in nature. 
Blast is a series of comic French of Emmanuel Larcenet published since 2009 by Dargaud . The first volume won the prize of booksellers comics in 2010 and the second Grand Prix RTL comics. Originally planned in five volumes, the series eventually consisted of four volumes 1. Emmanuel Larcenet announcement in 2011 on RFI that he works in an adaptation Blast cinema, but said in February 2014 that it will not realize it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Alice Matheson

Alice Matheson, a professional and brilliant nurse of St. Mary's Hospital in London, could be a surgeon – she has the capacities, nerves of steel and a high IQ – but she would run the risk of exposure. For Alice is an angel of death; a cold, calculating psychopath who kills her victims chosen from amongst the hospital patients in terminal phase. However, things become complicated when one of her victims gets up despite the lethal dose she has just given them. London now experiences the first hours of a new sort of epidemic; the dead are alive! And even for a serial killer, this is rather disturbing! A comic Jean-Luc Istin and Phil Vandaele.
Alice Matheson is a professional and brilliant nurse. But she is also an angel of Death; a cold, calculating psychopath who kills her victims chosen from amongst the hospital patients. However, things become complicated when one of her victims gets up despite the lethal dose she has just administered.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hannibal Meriadec and the Tears of Odin

Hannibal Meriadec Captain Mac Lir, pirate and witch, covets 7 diamonds. The legend tells that Odin, the father of the gods, wept 7 tears when he lost his daughter. These seven tears fell to earth and became seven diamonds of unprecedented purity. An ancestor of Hannibal in a manuscript attested to the existence of these precious stones, but the latter are also sought by an old order, the secret Order of the Axis, that will do anything to get their hands on this treasure. A scanlation (a portmanteau of scan and translation) of the Soleil graphic novel by the Dragonz Team. Hannibal Meriadec and the Tears of Odin. A comic by Jean-Luc Istin and Stéphane Crety.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Arn series and the series "The Armies of the Conqueror" are "occasions" in the Integral: Fantastic Epics . A comic by Jean-Pierre Dionnet and Jean-Claude Gal. Following the adventures of Arn, originally published in the journal "Metal Hurlant". Each drawing is a marvel, one never tires of contemplating the while wondering each time how many hours of work each detail requires. note that Picaret (Polonius with Tardi) gave a hand to the scenario.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Josephine "thirties", as she says coyly. She is not married, has no children, but she has a cat. She is blonde and petite, but thickens substantially level with the hips. She works in an office with many people who do not know his name, and an abject macho she can not shut up. She also has a sister who is married, and has blond children, smiling and full polished his big house. She has relatives who do not live in the same city but who manage to invade and guilt by phone.
She girlfriends but none comes close to Rose, her best friend, supportive of its daily miseries. It's terribly mushy and do not despair of meeting the ideal man, what it is actively (bars, gyms, clubs oenology, Meetic ...). Meanwhile, she cries before the films rose water. Josephine lot of misfortunes which it is often the cause: it is awkward, do not handle very well professional relationships, struggles to be heard, made quite embarrassing gaffes, and a string of missteps in her life love. It is somehow the author of his own misfortune, but especially careful never draw lessons from what falls on him. A comic by Penelope Bagieu.