Sunday, May 14, 2017


Elixers is a comic series. Story: Christophe Arleston. Drawings: Alberto Varanda. Colors: Nolwenn Lebreton. In the world of Amphel, the city of Amporche is the city of the diplomats who shelters the famous university floating of magic. The world of Amphel is managed by the magic of the Elixirs made by magi, without them all objects lose their reality and their materiality. 
The story begins when our hero Tolriq finds himself confronted with Devils, demons from another dimension who have managed to infiltrate the whole country. This dunce of the university of magic must then show a lot of ingenuity to discover what is framing and protect both the world of Amphel of his dematerialization but also Princess Murmillia, niece of the emperor ...


Elixers T01 - The Magic Of Loxullio (2009) (DarthScanner-DMT-mv).cbr | 27.09MB | LINK:
Elixers T02 - The Secret of the Glupion (2009) (Dragonz-DS-DMT-mv-DCP).cbr | 27.38MB | LINK:

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