Friday, May 26, 2017

The Fires of Askell

An endless sea, islands where since then have been built and disappear civilizations: Askell. Here, boats of a thousand sorts crisscross the primal ocean, in spite of the monsters which, at every moment, can emerge from the waves and crush the hulls. Merchants and smugglers land in every port, precious cargoes from the most remote archipelagos. Cybil, the voluptuous erotic dancer, Dao X'ian, the mercenary, Brumaire the knife-thrower, Keresquin the Poet and the foam Tittle, Fantastic adventures where action, charm and humor are served by the sumptuous graphics of Jean-Louis Mourier. The Fires of Askell. A comic by Arleston, Scotch and Jean-Louis Mourier.


The Fires of Askell 01 - The Amazing Ointment.cbr | 24.56MB | LINK:
The Fires of Askell 02 - Return to Vocable.cbr | 21.12MB | LINK:
The Fires of Askell 03 - Bloody Coral.cbr | 21.81MB | LINK:

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