Monday, May 15, 2017

The Song of Excalibur

The Song of Excalibur is a series of comic of Heroic fantasy. Scenario: Arleston Scotch , with Melanÿn (volume 5-6). Drawing: Éric Hübsch. Colors: Jean-Jacques Chagnaud (volume 1), Nolwenn Lebreton (volumes 4 and 5), Yves Lencot (volumes 2 and 3). 
Five hundred years after the Round Table episode , the famous magician Merlin , who likes drinking and pretty women, is freed from the fate of Viviane , the Lady of the Lake. She entrusts him with the mission of saving the world from the magic of the Christian advance . Merlin searches for a knight but it is Gwyned , daughter of the Chevalier Galahad , who manages to remove the Excalibur sword and is appointed to accomplish this task.They set out for the Sidhe with a thousand charms, an invisible palace where magical beings would have taken refuge. On the way, they allow a village to rise against the king and against the Christian religion, thanks to the sight of Excalibur. The king sends his inquisitor, Mordred , to restore order but Merlin , Gwyned and the villagers rout them with the help of a dragon that Merlin woke up.


The Song of Excalibur T01 - The Awakening of Merlin (Soleil 1998) (JJ trans).cbr | 26.85MB | LINK:
The Song of Excalibur T02 - The Sidhe of a Thousand Charms (Soleil 1999) (JJ trans).cbr | 29.76MB | LINK:
The Song of Excalibur T03 - The Claw of Rome (Soleil 2001) (JJ-A&H).cbr | 23.83MB | LINK:
The Song of Excalibur T04 - Merlin's Anger (Soleil 2003) (JJ-A&H).cbr | 26.01MB | LINK:
The Song of Excalibur T05 - The Magnificent Ys (Soleil 2007) (JJ - Dragonz).cbr | 29.31MB | LINK:

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