Sunday, May 28, 2017


Nowadays, in Japan. In order to escape the violence of his former gang, Yoshi is entrusted by his grandfather to a master tattoo artist. The latter patiently teaches his young disciple a rigorous trade and transmits to him the mastery of the Tebori, a traditional technique of tattoo in the hand. Following an aggression, the master asks Yoshi to take care of discreet but particularly dangerous customers: the Yakuza. A comic by José Robledo and Marcial Toledano.
Ten months have passed since the "accident" of Horiseijun. Never far from his pupil, he recovered gently from his wounds and watched him evolve with pride. Indeed, Yoshi took the torch with ease and did honor to his master. However, the latter remains suspicious of the loving relationship of his protégé. The young man must remain on his guard, his proximity with the Yakuza exposes him and the salon, and he must not go astray.


Tebori v01 (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 91.69MB | LINK:
Tebori v02 (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 90.56MB | LINK:


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  2. we download them for free on this site instead of paying. Many of these are in print, in English.