Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Non Album Collection 54

Cold Sun 01 - H5N4 (2016)

"The question is not if the avian flu virus will mutate to become fatal to humans, the question is when?" WHO (The World Health Organisation). A man advances through the alps, accompanied by a robot. He is searching for a refuge, far from the lowlands infested with a fatal virus. Jan has no illusions: three quarters of the world's population have been killed by the epidemic. All that remains are a few isolated settlements and a mad hope, almost a legend... Of a laboratory that has found a cure for the new plague...

Beneath - The Mountain of the Dead (2016)

They joyfully marched off to war. The horrors of the trenches cut them down. But, lurking beneath the battlefields, something even more terrible lies in wait. The first world war rages on in the small hill town of Vauquois, a highly important strategic position. The French troops launch an assault and arriving at the German lines, they discover nothing but deserted trenches and bunkers and so decide to explore the enemy's tunnels and discover the unspeakable. Several days later, the natural history museum in Paris takes delivery of a tube containing the deformed body of a German soldier, young Gaspard Petit, who has not yet been mobilised is sent to investigate the anomalies. He will discover that the Germans, digging ever deeper under the French lines to place their explosives, have awakened something that has been asleep for millennia...

Jodorowsky - Truth Lies in the Depths of Dreams

A comic psychoanalysis, a representation of the dreams and thoughts of Chaubin and Jodorowsky.


Cold Sun 01 - H5N4 (2016) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 92.36 MB | LINK:
Beneath - The Mountain of the Dead (2016) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 97.57 MB | LINK:
Jodorowsky - Truth Lies in the Depths of Dreams.rar | 478.77 MB | LINK:

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