Monday, October 16, 2017

Non Album Collection 60

9 Tigers 01 - Xiao Wei (2009)

One Wan, a young Slayer on the payroll of the secret Society of the 9 Tigers, is on its way to a new contract: the execution of a venerable grandmother of 90 years. After a Homeric duel between the two women, one Wan eventually prevailed. But before giving up the soul, the old lady made her a confidence: she was the one who ordered her own assassination by engaging the best of the 9 Tigers – aka on Wan – her own granddaughter! It exposes him a final request and once this task is completed, one Wan will be free to return to the 9 tigers ... if she still desires it.

Chninkel TPB

"The still-smoking ruins of this ravaged world arose by howling the armies of those called the three immortal: Zembria the Cyclops, Barr-Find Black Hand and Jargoth the fragrant!" So the war was born. And thus began the long slavery of the Chninkel people, who ever ceased to atone for the terrible fault of his ancestors. '' In this world of the worlds that is the universe of the fable, the surprising meanders of the destiny of this little anything that confront the dark powers are unfolding.

Golam 001 - The Son of the Moon (2016)

Through a series of strange circumstances, Mehdi, a pickpocket making his living in the streets of the Abu caliphate, finds himself partaking in the entrance exam for Hikmadrassa, the most prestigious alchemy school on the continent. He might not know much about enchantments, spells and conjuring up golams, but he will soon discover that he’s got a rare power all of his own! As he dives into the world of the golams, Medhi not only meets his first true friends, but he also comes to understand his origins and turns to face his destiny!


9 Tigers 01 - Xiao Wei (2009) (Alice).cbz | 28.50MB | LINK:
Chninkel TPB (scanlation) (Team-DCP).cbr | 106.04MB | LINK:
Golam 001 - The Son of the Moon (2016) (Europe Comics) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 47.42MB | LINK:

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