Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Non Album Collection 57

India Dreams T1 - The Ways of Mist (2002)

London, December 1944. Emy hates the Indies. She lost her parents 16 years earlier. And here comes the past. Inadvertently, Emy becomes acquainted with the diary of her mother, Amelia, a young woman resigned, just outside the principles of Victorian England, and confronted by a so-called lewd India, awakening her own sensuality. January 1930. Amélié arrives with Emy on the first liner destined for Bombay, to find Thomas, his husband, captain in the army of the Indies in Khalapour, at Radjasthan. But the reunion is disappointing, Thomas seems to have changed, unless it is Amelia, proven by the suffocating heat reigning in this region located on the edge of the Thar desert. Fortunately, there is Kenneth Lowther, a friend of Thomas, an atheist philosopher and preceptor of the Royal children, who tries to explain to Amelia the disconcerting India, its religion, its customs and the magnificence of its maharajas.

The Shadow's Treasure

Because of their love of both word and image, Alexandro Jodorowsky challenged François Boucq ("Bouncer") to a game. Jodorowsky would write dozens of short stories full of wisdom and humor, poetry and brutality, irony and beauty. From these diverse fables, Boucq would pick forty or so tales to draw, to comment on, to direct. The dialogue between them ended up taking them further than expected. Together, they created a truly original piece of work, where the art was fully intertwined to the writing, as lyrics are to music.

Beast 01 - Yunze, God Of Protection

The ancient human civilizations have been ravaged by a mysterious catastrophe whose survivors cannot accept the magical origin. Three peoples clash in a war without outcome: Humans, other machines and hybrids. Once fallen into torpor, the ancestral deities awaken and incarnate in the form of gigantic animals that seek a cure, but refuse to act in concert in their quest. Uok, the eagle, would like to unite men against the peril of the droid. Tône-Teth, the serpent, calls his followers and foments dark planes. Amrath, the Panther, watch. In the midst of chaos, Yunze, the watchdog, leads the little Nay. This child torn apart by the conflict that is rumbling, is not at the end of her sorrows ... nor of her surprises!


India Dreams T1 - The Ways of Mist (2002) (Dragonz-Alice).cbz | 37.06MB | LINK: http://clkmein.com/q2I6o5
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Beast 01 - Yunze, God Of Protection (Darthscanner-DS-JJ-Dragonz).cbr | 25.96MB | LINK: http://clkmein.com/q2I5Bb


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