Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Non Album Collection 64

Baker Street T01 - Sherlock Holmes Isn't Afraid of Anything (Delcourt 1999)

Did you know that Watson owes much of its popularity to a jellyfish? That Holmes sometimes practices burglary? And would you be able to find a relationship between a canned devil, a dumbbell, an alarm clock, a cactus and a mass of weapons? No ? Well, dive into Dr. Watson's secret notebooks, miraculously exhumed by two "froggies". 

Superdupont - The Revival (2015)

The unique and truly French super hero is back, like a phoenix from the ashes, to save France once again and to restore it to greatness in a world going to the dogs. Superdupont’s reboot gets a kick-start with the birth of his son who, astonishingly, has inherited the supernatural powers of his father. Perhaps together they can finally bring down the enemies of their wonderful homeland!

Fearless (Romania)

Another short Romanian comic.


Baker Street T01 - Sherlock Holmes Isn't Afraid of Anything (Delcourt 1999).cbr | 52.68MB | LINK: http://corneey.com/q8hSwx
Superdupont - The Revival (digital) (2015) (Grodbeldekk-Empire).cbr | 73.09MB | LINK: http://corneey.com/q8hI1g
Fearless (Romania)(Terra- Dreamer).cbr | 4.61 MB | LINK: http://festyy.com/q5sLpe

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