Thursday, October 26, 2017

Non Album Collection 65

Nero Wolfe - The Red Box (1992)

A lovely woman is dead, and the fortunes of overextended theatrical producer Llewellyn Frost depend on solving the mystery of the red box: two pounds of candied fruits, nuts and creams, covered with chocolate -- and laced with potassium cyanide. When Nero Wolfe's suspicion falls on Frost's kissing cousin, Frost wants the detective to kill the sickly sweet case--before it kills him.

The Terminator (Fazekas)

Classic Hungarian Comics: The Terminator (Fazekas) ... scan: kyriee translation: SWATura-OD retext: Akela

The Iliad (Sebok)

This comic book adaptation of Homer's The Iliad has never before been released in album format. The scanned pages are directly from collected newspapers, edited, and remastered according to our opinions on how we think they should have looked, if... they were ever published. The ENG translation of Sebők's adaptation of Homer's Odyssey.


Nero Wolfe - The Red Box (1992).cbr | 94.17MB | LINK:
The Terminator (Fazekas) (SWATura-OD-Akela).cbr | 6.10MB | LINK:
The Iliad (Sebok) (ENG) (Papadi-Billy-Akela-SWATura-OD).cbr | 57.65MB | LINK:


  1. i guess the hungain terminator is "like" that rare star wars comic?

  2. NERO WOLFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!