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Alpha is a series of comic collection Third Wave published by Le Lombard. Series of espionage hyper realist, it staged an agent of the CIA (Dwight Tyler Delano, codenamed Alpha) and her assistant Sheena Ferguson (from Volume 4).
Pascal Renard has scripted the first two volumes. When he died in April 1996 at age 35, Mythic takes the scenario of the series in hand. The drawings are the work of Youri Jigounov who also wrote the script of Volume 11. From the twelfth book, he devotes himself only to writing, drawing now being directed by Chris Lamquet. 
A Russian envoy dealing with a banker European to exchange rubles against the USD at a very favorable rate for the buyer. However, the amount involved interests a mafia group and the CIA. Following a massacre, the emissary finds himself isolated. In addition, the bag containing the securities in rubles mysteriously disappears. Alpha, a young CIA agent acting under the French artist cover, comes to his aid as part of his undercover mission. The Russian Alpha asks to go to Moscow to exhibit his paintings. In Russia, Alpha is brought to be with a young artist, a friend of his patron, actually the son of a powerful Russian mafia clan leader Bogdanov. Some time later the son took control of the clan by eliminating all the faithful of the bodyguards of his father, killing his own father. However, the FSB does not see a very good eye illicit activities of the clan. Using military means, it decimates the clan in order to isolate the son Bogdanov. During an appointment, Alpha realizes he was trapped by his superiors, which seized the securities bag. However, Bogdanov son is aware of the appointment and proceeds to the elimination of rogue CIA agents. For its part, the FSB and eliminates standby in turn mafia.


Alpha 001 - The Exchange -- The Bogdanov Family (2008) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 73.83 MB | LINK:
Alpha 02 - Wolves' Wages (digital).cbr | 37.16 MB | LINK:
Alpha 002 - Wolves' Wages (2009) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 34.78 MB | LINK:
Alpha 03 - The List.cbr | 65.11 MB | LINK:
Alpha 003 - The List (2010) (Cinebook) (digital-HD) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 69.13MB | LINK:
Alpha 004 - Sanctions (2014) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 27.77MB | LINK:


Alpha V1 #1 (of 11) (1996).pdf | 50.3MB | LINK:
Alpha V2 #2 (of 11) (1997).pdf | 14.5MB | LINK:
Alpha V3 #3 (of 11) (1998).pdf | 13.7MB | LINK:
Alpha V4 #4 (of 11) (1999).pdf | 13.5MB | LINK:
Alpha V5 #5 (of 11) (2000).pdf | 21.0MB | LINK:
Alpha V6 #6 (of 11) (2002).pdf | 15.1MB | LINK:
Alpha V7 #7 (of 11) (2003).pdf | 20.8MB | LINK:
Alpha V8 #8 (of 11) (2004).pdf | 23.4MB | LINK:
Alpha V9 #9 (of 11) (2006).pdf | 27.7MB | LINK:
Alpha V10 #10 (of 11) (2007).pdf | 29.0MB | LINK:
Alpha V11 #11 (of 11) (2009).pdf | 34.7MB | LINK:

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