Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Nightowl

The Nightowl is a series of comics published in the "Cockpit" collection of Editions Paquet. It was completed in three volumes. Created by Screenplay: Yann. Design and colors: Romain Hugault.
The parallel lives of Wulf and Lilya on the Eastern Front from 1943 to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Wulf, Member of the Luftwaffe, wearing a wry look on this war that is taking place. Defining themselves as anti-Nazi, it is nevertheless a distinguished element of the night fighter German. Lilya is a woman pilot of the army of the Soviet air. She will have to prove to get the controls of a fighter. Three albums, Yann and Hugault share with us the destinies of these two people.


The Nightowl T01 - Witches of the Night (2009) (Dragonz-DS-DMT-Prom).cbr | 25.63MB | LINK:
The Nightowl T02 - Comrade Lilya (2010) (Dragonz-DarthScanner-DMT-Choky27).cbr | 27.70MB | LINK:
The Nightowl T03 - Wulf & Lilya (2011) (Dragonz).cbr | 27.71MB | LINK:


LeGrandDuc.V1.pdf | 32.8 MB | LINK :
LeGrandDuc.V2.pdf | 20.2 MB | LINK :
LeGrandDuc.V3.pdf | 32.7 MB | LINK :


El Gran Duque.cbr | 59.85 MB | LINK:

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