Thursday, December 31, 2015


Sibylline is a series of Franco-Belgian comics created in the newspaper Spirou no.14034 March 1965 by Raymond Macherot, supported by Paul Deliège scenario for albums of  no.5 to no.7.
After a long hiatus, the series resumed in 2006 by André Taymans, helped by Raymond Macherot and François Corteggianithe scenario of some stories. Distributed album editions Dupuis from 1967, it is abandoned by the same publishing house before reaching the hands of editions Flouzemaker in 2006. Published in the journal Spirou from 1965 to 1990, the series features Sibylline , a little mouse anthropomorphic who lives in Happy Grove. There, she faces enemies like Anathema who want to take power. The series, beginning at tinged with humor and kindness will switch into the fantastic and supernatural, with wicked increasingly violent. 
The series depicts the little mouse anthropomorphic Sibylline who took up residence at Happy Grove, after living in a human home. The small world of Happy Grove is organized like a small animal society with its merchants, its font, its army and its villains who want to overthrow the government. Subsequently, the series is increasingly tinged by keys fantastic and supernatural where the wicked, which become increasingly dangerous, take the lead in the stories at the expense of the nice Sibylline.

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