Friday, December 11, 2015

The Final Flight (One Shot)

This comic is a one-shot book, created by Romain Hugault and Regis Hautiere in 2007.
1943-1945. The 20th century sees its darkest hours. While the earth trembles under bombing, the sky becomes the scene of a fierce fight for supremacy. Up there, planes converge, men clash, and fates intersect. Four men, from four different Air Forces, take-off to complete the mission they were assigned. Their Final Flights...


The Final Flight (One Shot) (ReTran) (2005) (Alice).cbz | 53.49 MB | LINK:


Le dernier envol - One Shot - (2005).pdf | 31MB | Password: pinky | LINK:


El último vuelo.cbr | 18MB | LINK:


Der Letzte Flug.rar | 101.38 MB | LINK:

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