Thursday, December 17, 2015

Attila Adventures

Attila Adventures also entitled Attila is a series of Franco-Belgian comics of adventure humorous animal created in 1967 by the Belgian writer Maurice Rosy and Swiss designer Derib in no.1531 of the newspaper Spirou. From 1968, Maurice Kornblum will co-write with Rosy scenarios of the series. The drawing will be resumed in 1987 by Didge for ultimate story.
The series features the dog Attila, spy of the Swiss army, whose mental faculties were increased, notably with the acquisition of speech, to become their best player. He is accompanied by his master Ernest Bourrillon, a former quartermaster. From the album no.2, it adopts a young boy named Odee, then from the next album, they are helped by another spy dog known as the Z14, created by Professor Comant.
Published in Spirou from 1967 to 1973 and then in 1987, this story is published alongside soft album Dupuis from 1969. The same publishing house published four albums until 1974, then a full in 2010. That same year, The Cow who meditates publishes the fifth story, hitherto unpublished, as an album.
Originally based on humor produced by the dog shift both spy and as another animal, the series will deviate to the world of science fiction. This intrusion will score a disagreement between the duo screenwriters Maurice Rosy - Maurice Kornblum and Derib designer who will prematurely end the series, though promised by lovers of comics to become a classic.


Attila (Les Aventures D') T01.cbz | 80.4MB | LINK:
Attila (Les Aventures D') T02.cbz | 103.3MB | LINK:
Attila (Les Aventures D') T03.cbz | 81.8MB | LINK:
Attila (Les Aventures D') T04.cbz | 78.2MB | LINK:
Attila (Les Aventures D') T05.cbz | 72.4MB | LINK:

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