Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Pilot in the Edelweiss

The Pilot Edelweiss is a series of comic of Yann (scenario) and Romain Hugault (drawing and color). It appeared in the "Cockpit" collection of Editions Paquet. The series ended in three volumes. 
In 1917-1918, the two brothers Castillac actively participate in global conflict; Henri became one of the "ace" of French aviation and Alphonse, a former pilot also was sanctioned and transferred to tanks for disciplinary reasons; but while the latter chomping at the bit and dream of flying again, his brother lives in terror of facing a certain German driver whose Fokker is decorated with a superb Edelweiss.Quel terrible secret buried in the past two brothers behind this panic? How beautiful Valentine, the wife of Alphonse, she will react to the evolving relationship increasingly ambiguous between the twins? ... And above all, what does this mysterious Edelweiss? 
Following his promise to kill Henri Castillac, Erik, the pilot at the Edelweiss, storks flying over the airfield and a challenge message, a real dogfight, just him and Henri Castillac the following week. The latter, petrified fear, goes on leave in Paris. Contrary to his habits, no Folies-Bergeres or thin parts. It is conscious and leaves his only friends have fun for a secret rendezvous. He meets his twin brother Alphonse to offer him a terrible trade. He will take his place at the controls of his new Spad-canon to face Erik. Alphonse aback but dream repiloter, who was fired in aviation ...
1918; for more than four years, the great world slaughter continues its ravages, avidly engulfing the flower of European youth in a maelstrom of blood, mud, barbed wire and despair ... At the rear, the Parisians themselves dread each night raids terrifying Gotha, the German giant bombers ?; the hospital is neat Henri Castillac is not spared. In bed, helpless, it begins to regret the identity substitution he performed with his brother. Once more through this pilot subterfuge among Storks, Alphonse aligns victory over victory ?; Unfortunately, because of this substitution, it can win the heart of Valentine without revealing the deception ... Alphonse Castillac one last time will face his most ruthless opponent, Erik, the dreaded "Driver Edelweiss" in a duel thank you at very high altitude. But Alphonse especially will definitely have to try to overcome his own inner demons, far more frightening ... and especially the enigmatic Walburga!


The Pilot in the Edelweiss #1 - Valentine (ReTran) (2012) (Josshart) (Darth Alice).cbz | 50,92 MB | LINK:
The Pilot in the Edelweiss #2 - Sidonie (ReTran) (2012) (Josshart) (Darth Alice).cbz | 55,99 MB | LINK:
The Pilot in the Edelweiss #3 - Walburga (2013) (Josshart) (Alice).cbz | 55,80 MB | LINK:


Le pilote à l'Edelweiss - Tome 01 - Valentine.cbr | 100.19 MB | LINK:
Le pilote à l'Edelweiss - Tome 02 - Sidonie.cbr | 102.73 MB | LINK:
Le pilote à l'Edelweiss - Tome 03 - Walburga.cbr | 103.65 MB | LINK:

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