Thursday, February 18, 2016

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures is a series of comic strip, written and drawn by Arthur de Pins. Guilty Pleasures tells the romantic and sexual adventures of Arthur and Clara. The author does not hesitate to show his hero in the heat of the action with the ladies or gentlemen with heroin, with a very round and very cute design makes the tone of this cartoon very natural and not shocking. The gags and naughty adventures of Arthur heroes and especially to all the girls around him, appeared in the "Max" magazine. 
Arthur is a man like any other. Yes, he is attracted to the fairer sex. That it is concerned is an understatement, the mere sight of an elastic string acts on him like a magnet. He did not hesitate to give up his head in the expert hands of the hairdresser to admire her plunging neckline. And this is only one example among many others since all means are good to approach women.


Guilty Pleasures 1 (data9724-Novus & Alice).cbr | 51,86 MB | LINK:
Guilty Pleasures 2 - Manhunt (data9724-Novus & Alice).cbr | 57,59 MB | LINK:
Guilty Pleasures 3 - Tart Attack! (data9724-Novus & Alice).cbr | 57,04 MB | LINK:
Guilty Pleasures 4 (data9724-Novus & Alice).cbr | 51,28 MB | LINK:


Peches Mignons - T3 - Garce Attack! (2008) (c2c) (Batmanatee Begins-Novus-HD).cbr | 58,06 MB | LINK:
Peches Mignons T04.cbr | 126,89 MB | LINK:
Peches Mignons - HS1 - Anti Kamasutra à l'usage des gens normaux [1600].cbr | 13,11 MB | LINK:
Peches Mignons - HS2 - Le guide du rateau [1600].cbr | 13,34 MB | LINK:


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