Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cotton Kid

Cotton Kid is a series of comic strip created by Jean Léturgie and Pearce to the drawing. In a context of Western parody near Lucky Luke, she recounts surveys Trevor Beauregard, a pretentious incompetent detective happily unwittingly assisted by his brother Kid, malignant and resourceful kid. Cotton Kid lives on a cotton plantation in the southern US. His role model is his older brother Trevor, who works at the prestigious Pinkerton Agency and told him about his exciting adventures. Thrilled Kid goes after him. The reality is a bit different than portrayed by his brother. With the help of imaginative and cunning Kid Trevor can bring more cases to a successful conclusion. Cotton Kid is a published between 1999 and 2003 French-Belgian comic series.
Although it puts on stage a little boy, the series is aimed primarily at an older readership that his hero, if not adults. The choice of a little boy like heroes introduced a pure look, idealistic and refreshing that accentuates the distancing with cowardice and corruption of adults. Because the devastating humor that inhabits each page is mainly expressed in the second degree and is happy rabble. Unlike those ofLucky Luke, the characters in Cotton Kid are parodies rather than caricatures. They show everyday racism, cowardice small, complex, perversions and vile instincts. "Good" as well as "bad", women as well as men. So there is a very satirical dimension in Cotton Kid, where Lucky Luke plays more in the register of the stuffing.


Cotton Kid 01 - Au nom de la loi et de Mr Pinkerton.cbr | 12.9MB | LINK:
Cotton Kid 02 - Charivari dans les Bayous.cbr | 12.3MB | LINK:
Cotton Kid 03 - Z comme Sorro.cbr | 13.4MB | LINK:
Cotton Kid 04 - La piste de chisholm.cbr | 13.8MB | LINK:
Cotton Kid 05 - La septième femme de Géronimo.cbr | 14.4MB | LINK:
Cotton Kid 06 - Le coyote noir.cbr | 14.1MB | LINK:


Cotton_Kid_-_PT0001_-_Em_Nome_da_Lei_e_de_Mr._Pinkerton.cbr | LINK:


CottonKid01 - Im Namen von Pinkerton.cbr | 77 MB | LINK:
CottonKid02 - Radau am Mississippi.cbr | 74 MB | LINK:

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