Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Time Brigade

The Time Brigade is a series of comic strip created in 2011 by Bruno Duhamel and Kris in no.3835 of the newspaper Spirou. 
We are in the 30th  century time terrestre. Agent ukroniens calendar is a temporal organization whose purpose is to put in order and correct events in the history of mankind. It was created when the first activities of an opposition group called The Manipulators ukroniens which their goal is to change the course of events in the history of humanity as the victory of Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo where a longer resistance 'Hitler face the Allies. The Packers have a mission to destroy humanity and rebuild it according to their vision. The Kallaghan and Montcalm agents must counter the plans of these criminals before the history of humanity is erased forever. "Our future is in the hands of the past", is the motto in ukroniens agents. Their mission is to protect the history of changes that could cause time travel and, where appropriate, to give it a nearest course possible to the official story, that the future of humanity is not compromised. But it's a dangerous job and losses are sometimes significant. So when the general manager of the control center discovers that Christopher Columbus was killed on landing in America and begins an alternate history in which America is not discovered, it has to straighten the course of the History, as a temperamental agent, under close arrest, and a beginner. A fine team that will have to convince Martin Alonzo Pinzon, second captain of the Columbus expedition to attempt the adventure.


The Time Brigade 01 - 1492, All Quiet on the Western Front! (F) (2012) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 105 MB | LINK:
The Time Brigade 02 - The Grand Armada (2013) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 94 MB | LINK:
The Time Brigade 03 - Saving the USS Enterprise (2014) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 174 MB | LINK:


Les Brigades du Temps - Tome 1 - 1492 - A L'ouest Rien de Nouveau (Repost).cbr | 107.56 MB | LINK:
Les Brigades du Temps - Tome 2 - La Grande Armada (Repost).cbr | 94.26 MB | LINK:
Les Brigades du Temps - Tome 3 - Il Faut Sauver L'USS Enterprise.cbr | 182.81 MB | LINK:

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