Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Passengers of the wind

Passengers of the wind is a series of comic history, the scenario, the drawing and the colors of François Bourgeon. A sequel is published after a gap of 25 years. The young heroine Zabo is the great-granddaughter of Isa (both are actually prénomment "Isabeau"), immersed in the Civil War, between New Orleans and the bayous of Mississippi. The two meet, allowing the author to tell us flashbacks following the adventures of Isa.
This historic fresco which is set in the sea in the xviii th  century, tells the incredible and tragic adventures of Isa. The young heroine, a nobleman whose identity was stolen, meeting on a ship of the Royal Navy Hoel, a boatswain who she saves life. Hoel finds himself trapped in a sinister pontoon English. Helped by his English friend Mary Isa manages to free him. Isa, Mary Hoel and embark on a slave ship, the Maria Carolina, and arrive in Judah Counter Dahomey. Faced with the power and intrigues of African spells, Isa Hoel must fight to cure poisoning. The Marie-Caroline leaves for Santo Domingo with on board the "ebony", that is to say the slaves. They mutinied but their revolt was quelled in a bloodbath. The arrival in Santo Domingo will be key to Hoel and Isa. 


Passengers with the Wind 01 - Stowaways.7z | 17 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/mgnt9
Passengers with the Wind 02 - The Prison Ship.7z | 17 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/mgnQH
Passengers with the Wind 03 - The Market of Juda.7z | 17 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/mgnYX
Passengers with the Wind 04 - The Hour of the Snake.7z | 16 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/mgnAM
Passengers With the Wind 05 - The Ebony Freight.7z | 16 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/mgnGK
Passengers with the Wind 06 - The Girl from Bois-Caiman 1.7z | 36 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/mgnZI
Passengers with the Wind 07 - The Girl from Bois-Caiman 2.7z | 29 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/mgnNI


Les Passagers du vent V1 #1 (of 7) (1980).pdf | 34.6 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/WfenV
Les Passagers du vent V2 #2 (of 7) (1980).pdf | 32.7 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/WfeE9
Les Passagers du vent V3 #3 (of 7) (1981).pdf | 36.0 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/WfeIm
Les Passagers du vent V4 #4 (of 7) (1982).pdf | 34.7 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/WfeSi
Les Passagers du vent V5 #5 (of 7) (1984).pdf | 34.9 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/WfeKP
Les Passagers du vent V6 #6 (of 7) (2009).pdf | 81.3 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/WfeCC
Les Passagers du vent V7 #7 (of 7) (2010).pdf | 87.6 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/WfeNM


Keyser said...

Could you add the French hors-série LES CHANTIERS D'UNE AVENTURE , BOURGEON À LA HUNE and LE CHEMIN DE L'ATCHAFALAYA (like you did for Bourgeon's other series, The Companions of Twilight)?

Jan said...

Thank you so much!

NecroBanger said...

Do you have the companion book to this series? Could you upload it also?

Anonymous said...

Page 50 is missing in "Les Passagers du vent V7 # 7 (of 7) (2010)" Do you think you could get it?

In any case, great contribution