Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Throne of Clay

The Throne of Clay is a series of history comic taking place during the Hundred Years War. It is a comic series whose first book, The Knight with an ax, was released in 2006. Screenplay: Nicolas Jarry, France Richemond. Drawings: Theo Caneschi. Colours: Lorenzo Pieri.
It depicts the famous period of the Hundred Years War in which France is both torn civil war between Armagnacs and Burgundians and threatened by the English invasion of the kingdom of France, first led by Henry V, then his death, continued by his brother Bedford, regent on behalf of little Henry VI. The action starts in 1418 with the taking of Paris by the Burgundians of John the Fearless and directed, in particular, an important figure of the moment: Tanneguy of Châtel, provost of Paris and member of the Armagnac party. Series that recounts the last part of the Hundred Years War. It begins with Volume 1 in 1418, when Paris fell to the Burgundians and ends with Joan of Arc. France, in 1418, the Kingdom wobbles. The king Charles VI sinks into madness so that Armagnacs and Burgundians tear each other apart in a bloody civil war. English armies besiege the Norman fortresses that are after each other. The Hundred Years War, after some years of truce flares up again and nothing seems to counter the fate that befalls France. Yet the 28 May, a man, Tanneguy of Châtel, forever changed the course of history.


The Throne of Clay 01 - The Knight with the Hatchet.7z | 23 MB | LINK:
The Throne of Clay 02 - The Bridge of Montereau.7z | 20 MB | LINK:
The Throne of Clay 03 - Henry, King of England and France.7z | 24 MB | LINK:
The Throne of Clay 04 - The Death of Kings.cbr | 62 MB | LINK:
The Throne of Clay 05 - The Maid.cbr | 67 MB | LINK:
The Throne of Clay 06 - The Geste of Orleans (2015).cbr | 142.44 MB | LINK:


Le trône d'argile - 01 - Le chevalier à la hache.cbz | 19.7 MB | LINK:
Le trône d'argile - 02 - Le pont de Montereau.cbr | 18.8 MB | LINK:
Le trône d'argile - 03 - Henry, roi de France et d'Angleterre.cbr | 40.2 MB | LINK:
Le trône d'argile - 04 - La mort des rois.cbz | 68.2 MB | LINK:
Le trône d'argile - 05 - La pucelle.cbr | 145.3 MB | LINK:
Le trône d'argile - 06 - La Geste D'Orléans.cbr | 142.44 MB | LINK:


  1. Pls check link, is downloading a 4kb 7z file, not the size on the page.

    1. Hi, we've checked all 7z files, they're in mediafire storage, and the size full intact as written above :)