Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tiger Joe

Tiger Joe is a series of comics published the first time in 1950 in La Libre Belgique. Scenario: Charlier, Greg. Drawings: Hubinon, Forton, Pleyers. When the first pages appeared in La Libre Belgique in 1950 the country is still a colonial power since the Congo is attached to the flat country since 1908 after personal possession of the King of the Belgians. To this should be added since the end of World War I the Rwanda and Burundi German former colonies. Although the country is never mentioned by name, the first thumbnail indicates that the action is on the course of the tributaries of the Uele, which flows into the Ubangi which finally joins the river Congo. Furthermore it is also alluded to the locality of Mbura (2 e board) which would be located near the Lake Albert in the north-east. The writer gives other geographical indications including Blue Mountains (Plate 7). All this is coherent, particularly at the time, difficult to access. In short, the action takes place in a geographic area where the author can give free rein to his imagination without being (too) denied by the facts.
In creating this band Charlier adventures reproduces stereotypes which then during which the famous mysterious and wild Africa as envisioned by popular novels and films of the time. In this enthusiasm good child, he named his hero Tiger Joe, an experienced hunter who wanders from wealthy Europeans in search of thrills. Only problem there are no tigers in Africa and it is not clear therefore how the hero could have earned that nickname. By taking the series in the late 50 years Greg will not fool it by situating it in the Indian peninsula. Creating Hubinon Charlier and now includes 3 stories but in two cycles. For reasons albums published the first cycle has been split into two volumes of 45 pages each and is focused on finding the legendary elephant graveyard. Except Sheila Keeler, the last episode uses the same characters for an adventure of 46 boards. Note that Charlier will resume the principle of creating these exotic adventures shortly after for Spirou's character Kim Devil, this time the action is transposed in the Amazon. Gérald Forton will be the designer of this short series is also he who will resume following the adventures of Joe Tiger in 1958 on scenarios of Greg.


Tiger Joe - T01 - La piste de l'ivoire.cbr | 27.7 MB | LINK:
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Tiger Joe - T03 - Le mystère des hommes léopards.cbr | 28.5 MB | LINK:
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