Monday, September 18, 2017

Non Album Collection 46

The Man of the Year 08 - The Man Who Would Avenge Caesar (2015)

ROME, 44 B.C. The Republic is living out its last days. Julius Caesar died this morning, stabbed by a mod senators determined to bring down the man who would be king. Mark Anthony, consul and friend of Caesar still holds the city thanks to Lepidus's cavalry. But for how much longer? The conspirators regroup and proudly announce the death of the "tyrant". The two camps watch each other, the slightest sign of hostility could plunge Rome into a new civil war. Legionnaire and veteran of the Gallic wars, QUINTUS FALCO followed Caesar in all his battles and saw the man rise to the height of his power. Becoming his bodyguard, Quintus is never far, a gladius in the shadow of Caesar's laurels. So why did Caesar order him not to accompany him to the senate that morning, despite the growing rumours of an assassination attempt? Quintus will do anything to find out, and to punish whoever among the conspirators struck the fatal blow.

Pico Bogue T01 (08) (2015)

Pico Bogue is the eldest child of a normal family, and when we say 'normal', we mean unique, quirky and occasionally just stark raving mad! Along with his little sister Anna, Pico goes through life with as many certainties as he has questions, making the kind of pertinent observations that only children are capable of. Sometimes challenging, always loveable, there's no end to Pico's mischief, much to the amusement, exasperation and surprise of his long-suffering parents!

Different Ugliness Different Madness T01 (02)

America, 1930, the Golden Age of Radio. When two people from separate worlds collide, the dark secrets they’re burdened with start to spill out. Writer & Art : Marc Males.


The Man of the Year 08 - The Man Who Would Avenge Caesar (2015) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 131.57 MB | LINK:
Pico Bogue T01 (08) (2015) (Europe Comics) (digital) (onlyorm-Empire).cbr | 35.92 MB | LINK:
Different Ugliness Different Madness T01 (02) (digital) (onlyorm-Empire).cbr | 41.22 MB | LINK:

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