Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Non Album Collection 47

The Century of the Shadows T01 - The Stone

1751. Under the influence of Pope Benedict XIV, Abeau and Cylinia ripen their project: to eliminate Weltman ... The latter, hidden under the name of Baron d'Holbach, a resolutely atheistic brilliant spirit, united under his roof the greatest thinkers Of Paris to celebrate his involvement in the Encyclop├ędie de d'Alembert. That same evening he was robbed of a precious commodity: a burst of meteorite.

Master of Arms (2015)

1537. In the depths of the lost mountains of the Jura, an envoy of the Church exacerbated the religious hatred of Catholic montagnards so that they would hunt a man against a young Protestant and his guide. Their crime? Want to have a Bible translated into French to Switzerland for printing. A heresy! Begins a pitiless track: two to thirty, the fate of the young man and the old Hans Stalhoffer seems sealed. Except that Hans is not a prey like the others; He is the former master-at-arms of Francis I. And the prey is determined to become the hunter.

Bear King (2015)

Xipil is a young girl offered up as a sacrifice to the god Caiman by her father, the village shaman. But the Bear King doesn't see things the same way and frees Xipil, taking her with him. In doing so, he steals the reptile's offering, by right, Xipil's life belongs to her. Reaching an agreement is going to be difficult, and Caiman is sure to fight for as much she can get.


The Century of the Shadows T01 - The Stone (Onairam-Quentin-Choky).cbr | 57.81 MB | LINK:
Master of Arms (2015) (Jon Snow & Juron Vranooki & Sosich).cbr | 80.46 MB | LINK:
Bear King (2015) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 213.39 MB | LINK:

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