Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Non Album Collection 50

The Wine Buffs of Burgundy (2014)

Our Wine Buffs won’t ever have so deserved their name. For their passion for wine will lead them to Burgundy. A book of nectar!Napoleon, besides wanting to subjugate Europe, had one passion: Chambertin wine. Alexandre Dumas used to declare:“A Montrachet should be drunk on one’s knees with a bare head.”In this volume, it’s our wine buffs’ turn to make unforgettable quotes like “Mamma mia, Burgundy wine is the bomb!” And rightly so, for they’ll be sure to drink some real knock-outs! And in every corner of Burgundy! Methodically and humorously, they’ll prove that Burgundy is a heckuva wine, but maybe, above all else a sacred wine.

SAS T01 - A Pact With The Devil

In a Belgrade riddled with corruption and ravaged by years of war, Milorad Lukovic, the former commander of the Red Berets, one of the most terrible forces during the war, guilty of numerous atrocities and wanted by the International Criminal Court, is a hunted man... The Americans want his head. That's why they have sent in their best agent, His Serene Highness (Son Altesse Serenissime - S.A.S) Prince Malko Linge...

Andro and Gera  (Romania-1991)

Our friends, Andro and Gera are children of nature, a nature harsh, full of perils known and unknown, but extremely clean and beautiful nature. They are perfectly adapted to the environment they live in and with their friends, the dog “Fors” and the monkey “Senta”, They travel the vast spaces that separate them from the rare communities of other humans.


The Wine Buffs of Burgundy (2014) (Bamboo) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 26.45MB | LINK: http://destyy.com/qNGoYt
SAS T01 - A Pact With The Devil (Quentin-Choky-Onairam).cbr | 49MB | LINK: http://gestyy.com/qMz1uG
Andro and Gera  (Romania-1991)(Terra-Dreamer).cbr | 7.23 MB | LINK: http://ceesty.com/q1jvaN

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