Friday, September 22, 2017

Non Album Collection 48

Old Pa Anderson (2016)

In 1952, in the Mississippi, Whites and Blacks must not mix. Some decline completely the segregationist principles of the laws of the southern states; The others bow their backs, are afraid, and are forced to live a little. "Separate but equal" say the laws. Separated but equal. Equality is only theoretical. And when the two communities intersect, coexist, exchange, it is against a background of mockery, humiliation and violence. 

Ambulance 13 (2014)

His name is Louis-Charles Bouteloup. Freshly graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, he found himself at the front line in Fleury in December 1915. He ordered a horse-drawn ambulance, nicknamed the Ace of Spades because it is known both for the courage of his nurses, For their lack of submission to the Standing Orders. Bouteloup is a name that counts in politics, for Baron Horace, Louis's father, is a deputy, lieutenant-colonel and close to General Petain. This privileged relationship, far from protecting him, will make the young officer a target designated for the enemies of the elected, among others the formidable Georges Clemenceau. Nevertheless, Louis will accomplish the appalling task which war imposes on him, trying to preserve a humanism to which he is attached until rebellion. 

Wide Angle 001 - Carnival of Animals (2014)

History tells the adventures of the Tasmanian tiger. The tiger belongs to a group of extinct species. Theoretically its disappearance dates from more than a century, in reality, there is still a specimen. His case is so amazing that he goes to court and that an English wig judge dictates a death sentence. The tiger will never stop looking for, from there, the paradise of the "disappeared animals" whose tracks are in the carnivals that it runs and which offer a precarious cache.


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