Saturday, September 2, 2017

Non Album Collection 38

After The Night (2008)

It's good to live in Westwood City, Kansas. And thanks to Sheriff Jude Stanton and his reputation that makes him a true living legend. Nobody knows more exactly when was the last time someone dared to challenge him. But all remember that he was called Jedediah Cooper ... and that his body rests in the cemetery!

Charly 9 (2015)

Charles IX was the unluckiest King of all the monarchs of France. At the age of 22, to please his mother Catherine de' Medici, he orders the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, which horrified all Europe. Later, appalled by the enormity of his crime, he lapsed into insanity. Bleeding profusely, reduced to mere skin and bones, by the end of his life he was hated by all of Europe... Although, at one time he did have a good heart.

Ghost Money T01 - The Lady From Dubai

Handling ? Surveillance? Information? The team of contractors gathered by Kendricks, a veteran of the war against terrorism of the years 2000, enjoys the unconditional support of the new neoconservative American administration. The challenge ? A secret that could waver all our certainties. Their target? A young billionaire who jumps over time zones with disconcerting ease and frequent the most closed business circles. At the forefront of technology in the 2020s, will Kendricks' plan with his men break through this aura of mystery? They do not know yet, but the Lady of Dubai has ample means to defend herself. Otherwise to counter-attack.


After The Night (2008) (mega games - Sosich - V2).cbr.cbr | 68.19 MB | LINK:
Charly 9 (2015) (webrip) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr | 183.30MB | LINK:
Ghost Money T01 - The Lady From Dubai (digital-onlyorm).cbr | 45.69 MB | LINK:

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