Saturday, September 16, 2017

Non Album Collection 45

Buffalo Runner - One Shot - (2015, Oger)

1896. Henri Ducharmes and his two children are on their way from New Orleans to the Californian Eldorado when they're attacked by a small group of renegades. Ed Fisher, an old and ornery cowpoke, intervenes to save young Mary from the massacre. They hold-up in a broken down hacienda to await the dawn, when the rest of the Indian band are expected to attack. During a long and sleepless night, Ed relates his adventurous and cursed life, and the tragedies that hound him. One major theme -- slaughter of the buffalo -- was central to the conquest of the West, since it weakened the Indians and allowed the development of ranches and rail lines, and the parceling of the plains.

Unforgivable (2015)

The bounty hunters finally found the traces of Carter, the most wanted bandit in the country. Ready to do anything to save his skin, the latter abandons his family to the hands of his pursuers. Ten years later, his son became an outlaw without mercy. Carter, consumed by remorse, decides to save him at all costs from the fate that awaits him.

Animal'z (Enki Bilal)

The Earth as we know it disappeared during the "coup de sang", a global climatic disruption. Soon after, the few scattered survivors are looking for Edens, areas hypothetically spared, and drinking water, extremely rare.


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  1. Thank you for Animal'z, now only La Couleur de l'Air is missing!

  2. Thanks for all. Is there a chance for a Al & Brock (Les Casseurs) series?