Saturday, November 11, 2017

Non Album Collection 71

The Last Days of Pompeii (Zorad)

The protagonist, Glaucus, represents the Greeks who have been subordinated by Rome, and his nemesis Arbaces the still older culture of Egypt. Olinthus is the chief representative of the nascent Christian religion, which is presented favorably but not uncritically. Beautifully illustrated, this classic tale will capture children's interest and spark their imagination inspiring a lifelong love of literature and reading.

Space Patrol Orion - The 8th Adventure

Another sci-fi Hungarian comic.

The Ballad of the Flood (Fazekas)

Ballad of the flood' by Zoltán Csernai (1982) an adult adventure Hungarian comic.


The Last Days of Pompeii (Zorad) (ENG) V1.0 (SWATura).cbr | 86.75MB | LINK:
Space Patrol Orion - The 8th Adventure (ENG-HUN) V1.2 (SWATura-OD).cbr | 21.83MB | LINK:
The Ballad of the Flood (Fazekas) V2.0 (SWATura-OD).cbr | 45.65MB | LINK:


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