Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Non Album Collection 73


End of the 40s, Siberia. Stalin returned to zone 0049, where he had been deported at the time when he was called Koba. He must clarify a mystery linked to a painting representing him with his companions of struggle who have since become important members of the regime. However, these latter disappear gradually from the picture without a human hand, apparently, the cause ...

Toys in the Basement - (Santa Anna)

A creepy kids’ book from a French comics master. With appearances in such anthologies as Zero Zero, BLAB! and Kramers Ergot, St├ęphane Blanquet has been delighting and terrifying American readers with his superslick, ultradetailed creepiness.

Septic Isle (2008)

Genre: Spy thriller. Publisher: Moonface Press. “A masterful espionage thriller… taut, topical and terrifying”- Mike Carey (writer, The Unwritten)


Koba (2014) (Juron Vranooki & Matorimikica & Sosich).cbr | 34.89 MB | LINK:
Toys in the Basement - (Santa Anna).cbr | 30.73MB | LINK:
Septic Isle (2008) (c2c) (Whitewolf-DCP).cbr | 29.85MB | LINK:

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