Saturday, November 25, 2017

Non Album Collection 77

The Scarlet Mummy (Heavy Metal)

by Eugenio Sicomoro. Story: Claude Moliterni. Art: Eugenio Sicomoro. Original title: Rouletabille. Original language: French. Original French publisher: Dargaud. Published stories: The Scarlet Mummy, 50 pages, color -- Heavy Metal, Winter 1988.

Dracula (Catalan 1984)

This is a painted graphic novel adaption of Bram Stoker's Dracula by award winning Spanish artist Fernando Fernandez. It was originally published in the United States Catalan Communications in 1984. It was reprinted by Dell Rey/Ballantine Books in 2005.

Anibal Cinq - The Last 10 Women I've Known

by Jodorowsky (Author), Bess (Author), Debra Rabas (Editor), Michela Nonis (Translator).


The Scarlet Mummy (Heavy Metal graphic novel).cbr | 13.51MB | LINK:
Dracula (Catalan 1984) (Pudgy).cbr | 37.42MB | LINK:
Anibal Cinq - The Last 10 Women I've Known.cbr | 29.58MB | LINK:


  1. Hi, who is the boy character between Mortimer and Asterix on the cover page?

    1. Hi. That's Benny Breakiron, check this :