Thursday, November 23, 2017

Non Album Collection 76

Celestin Gobe-la-Lune T1 - Love Has It's Reasons

Abandoned at birth, Celestin, a beggar and a gentle dreamer, is persuaded to be of a high lineage. He intends to regain his rank. For that, one way: to marry a worthy heiress. Tired of being treated only as a lover and never as a potential husband, he sets his sights on the princess, the King's daughter ...

Lost in Time 01 - Labyrinths (NBM Publishing 1986)

is a series of comics of science fiction created by Paul Gillon and Jean-Claude Forest . The earth authorities decide to wake up Chris the traveler, a man hibernated 1000 years ago in a small space station launched into elliptical orbit at the edge of the solar system. Chris was nothing less than the hope of Humanity, threatened by the Great Scourge, strange extraterrestrial spores that explode on Earth in horrible ways. The Scourge having remained inactive for several centuries, we had forgotten Chris.

Tao Bang T01 (from Heavy Metal)

The affairs of Ellora, patroness of the oldest brothel of Port Xarnath, have been in free fall since the opening of the Seventh Circle. She decides to counter-attack ...


Celestin Gobe-la-Lune T1 - Love Has It's Reasons.cbz | 18.92MB | LINK:
Lost in Time 01 - Labyrinths (NBM Publishing 1986).cbr | 190.55MB | LINK:
Tao Bang T01 (from Heavy Metal).cbr | 67.66MB | LINK:


  1. Do you have more Lost in Time volumes?

  2. hello there is no download link for Anibal Cinq - The Last 10 Women I've Known

    1. Hi. The Link for Anibal Cinq in sendspace is fine :)