Monday, November 27, 2017

Non Album Collection 78

The Littlest Pirate King - (Santa Anna)

For decades they have roamed the seas, this shipload of undead pirates. They are desperate to die, but every time they try to dash their ship to splinters and end their miserable existence, a malevolent God scoops them out of danger. And so they have no choice but to continue to sail the seas, looting and killing. Until one day, having exterminated yet another ship of the living, they come across a little pink baby. Adopting him as their mascot and dubbing him their "Littlest King," they continue their journeys. But eventually the King begins to grow up...

The Lesser Evil

Mniejsze zło (The Lesser Evil) is a graphic novel written by Maciej Parowski and illustrated by Bogusław Polch based on The Lesser Evil short story by Andrzej Sapkowski. It is the third published Witcher comic (after Geralt) and the fourth comic in the order of internal chronology. It is followed by Ostatnie życzenie. While the original story does not feature Dandelion nor Mousesack, they both appear in the graphic novel. In the comic book continuity, Dandelion meets Geralt for the first time here (their first canon adventure was The Edge of the World, not adapted as a graphic novel).

The Elephants Lake

Another Romanian comic. Scenario: Val Tebeica. Design: Elena Mihaescu.


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