Monday, November 13, 2017

Non Album Collection 72

Lester Cockney 01 - What a Crazy Country

Lester Cockney, of his real name "Lester Mahoney", is Irish from Killarney. In London in the middle of the nineteenth century, it does not weigh heavily against any Englishman, especially if he wears the uniform. From provocations to fights, Lester finds himself enlisted by force in the English army to join the expeditionary force in India, then in Kabul. Already in Afghanistan, history is only an eternal beginning ... 

Exterminator 17

For generations, warrior robots called, "Exterminators" have fought in deadly environments across the galaxy. When the soul of the man who created the Exterminators is transferred into one of his killing machines, a series of events is set into motion that will lead to the liberation of his creations from their human masters. Exterminator 17 will mark the first time that Humanoids Publishing will follow a graphic album with a comic series. Fans of Bilal should also take note that Exterminator 17 features a master re-coloring by comics veteran Dan Brown.

The Waters of Dead Moon 01-05 (from Heavy Metal)

A quite marvellous, stylistically superb dystopian sci fi story by Philippe Adamov (Art) and Patrick Cothias (Story). In a barren Paris, where food and water is short a bizarre degenerate princely court spends the end of days with debauchery. Cannibalism, decadene, sex, mutations and violence in a truly hopeless setting.


Lester Cockney 01 - What a Crazy Country (Dragonz-K).cbr | 21.94MB | LINK:
Exterminator 17 (Bilal & Dionnet) (Humanoids 2002) (MickRC).cbr | 55.42MB | LINK:
The Waters of Dead Moon 01-05 (from Heavy Metal).cbr | 149.45MB | LINK:

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