Monday, January 22, 2018

Non Album Collection 103

Bea Action Cop

is a murder mystery in which Bea must work undercover inside a satanic cult. Created by Chris.

The Art of Azpiri - Sensations (2000)

You've seen him often in Heavy Metal magazine with sultry women in beautifully colored fantasy stories. Well, here's a collection of gorgeous pieces of his, in full color, for your enjoyment!

Felines (2005)

Cats are mysterious creatures, and in some contexts, terms for cats have a sexual connotation, too. As a result, it’s not much of a stretch to put together a few erotic tales with a feline motif running throughout. A beautiful woman welcomes strange men into her home and her bed, while her cats look on. It turns out the woman has a secret that only the cats know about. A beautiful explorer is overcome by arousal at a thousand-year-old palace… does the temple have a feline guardian she doesn’t know about? Another woman has memories of pleasure and pain: these are sexual memories she shares only with her cats (and, of course, the readers). A creator known as Nebular writes and draws this collection in a realistic art style. The stories have an intense, dreamlike quality to them, augmented by their presentation in black and white.


Bea Action Cop -ADULT-Scanlation (Richard J- Dreamer).cbz | 27.61 MB | LINK:
The Art of Azpiri - Sensations (2000).cbr | 28.54MB | LINK:
Felines (2005).cbr | 20.59MB | LINK:

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