Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Non Album Collection 93


The fourth issue of "Romanzi a Fumetti" brings back all the adventure and the thrills of James Fenimore Cooper's masterpiece. At the end of 1700, while the war between English and French for the possession of the North-eastern territories of the United States-to-be is raging, the heroes of one of the greatest sagas of adventure literature are back. The white explorer, Natty Bumppo, and the only surviving member of the Mohicans, the proud Chingachgook, act as guides for three priests with a mission to pursue in West Point, where George Washington’s army is stationed. On the way, though, the violence of men and the traps of a still wild nature will slow their journey…

Why the Knights Disappeared (Erko 2003)

Sexual farce set in medieval times. An amusing story in three parts which explains the reasons why knights are now extinct.

Bernet - Custer

Jordi Bernet Cussó (born 14 June 1944) is a Spanish comics artist, best known for the gangster ... Dum-Dum, the less lewd and more comical series Clara de Noche, and several one-shots, including Custer, Light and Bold and Ivánpiire.


Mohican (Acestroke).cbr | 415.31MB | LINK: http://ceesty.com/wwEEj7
Why the Knights Disappeared (Erko 2003) (JJ_T&D).cbr | 23.28MB | LINK: http://ceesty.com/wwEQBy
Bernet - Custer (translation) (relieta and data9724-DCP).cbr | 59.94MB | LINK: http://ceesty.com/wwETC2

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