Monday, January 8, 2018

Non Album Collection 96

Ravage V01 (of 03) (2016)

The future. All trace of technology seems to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Two armies face each other at the ancient village of La Cadiere d'Azur. In his command tent, an elderly but charismatic man talks with his advisors. Hostile to any form of progress, the man they all call the "Patriarch" is about to launch his attack to destroy the "machine" designed by his opponent. Because he remembers ... 100 years ago, in 2052, Fran├žois Deschamps is just a simple student at the Graduate School of Agricultural Chemistry in Paris. Betrothed to the young and beautiful Blanche, everything seems to be going well in his life. The world is ruled by a powerful technology. Until everything stops. Until the disaster...

The Three Ghosts of Tesla 01 - The Shtokavian Mystery (2016)

"Rumors of German submarines landing on the east coast ... Mysterious apparitions, and disappearances, on the banks of the East River ... Edison's laboratories siezed by the FBI ... Terrible secret weapons tested by Japanese forces in the Pacific ... for anyone who can see beyond the deceptively calm surface, all this demonstrates that New York will soon be plunged into the heart of the events ravaging the world...And we still have no news of Nikola Tesla, probably the only scientist whose originality and brilliant inventions could bring us a decisive advantage in this destructive war! New York, Summer 1942 ... An article by T.S. Billing, our reporter at the Daily Worker. Meanwhile, young Travis and his mother move in to a furnished hotel in Manhattan. Little does he know that his enigmatic next-door neighbour will take him on an adventure with terrifying scientific ramifications...

Live Free or Die ! - 9 Stories of Resistance - One Shot - (Derrien, 2011)

the latest scanlation from Chevalley, a great little collection of stories about resistance fighters. A cabaret proprietor prints Resistance tracts...A young woman delivers secret papers by bike at night...A young insurgent must shoot a soldier in the street...A german resistant is deported by train...A man requests false identity papers from a photographer...A youth wants to join the maquis...Prisoners in Eysses plan their insurrection...A witness decided to film the invaders of his country...An old man recalls the day Paris was liberated...


Ravage V01 (of 03) (2016) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 96.43 MB | LINK:
The Three Ghosts of Tesla 01 - The Shtokavian Mystery (2016) (Scanlation) (phillywilly).cbr | 99.82 MB | LINK:
Live Free or Die ! - 9 Stories of Resistance - One Shot - (Derrien, 2011) (Scanlation, 2016).cbr | 75.81 MB | LINK:

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