Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Non Album Collection 97

Archie Meets Ramones 001 (2016)

Celebrate 75 years of Archie Comics with a new digest and a remastered & recolored deluxe edition hardcover! Plus, writer/artist Dan Parent tells two new stories in the traditional Archie Comics style! Keep reading for a look inside ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES #1

The Reverend 01 - The Fallen Devils of Nevada

1885: The Bounty Hunter Angus Whitecross became a true legend of the Wild West. Why, suddenly, is this relentless and tormented killer back in the small Nevada town where he was born? What revenge drives this pistolero better known as the "Reverend"?...

A Ship's Logbook (Romania - 1987)

Another short Romanian comic.


Archie Meets Ramones 001 (2016) one-shot, c2c (Jojo).cbr | 40.62 MB | LINK:
The Reverend 01 - The Fallen Devils of Nevada (Lebon-Lylian, 2012) (Scanlation, 2016).cbr | 105.69 MB | LINK:
A Ship's Logbook (Romania - 1987 )(Terra- Dreamer).cbr | 5.09 MB | LINK:

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