Saturday, January 6, 2018

Non Album Collection 95

The Horrible Weapon and other stories

Collection of 4 short SCI-FI stories by Don Lawrence, author of Storm, Trigan Empire...Scanlated from Dutch, originally published in 1993.

Face de Lune vol 01

In 1992, Face de Lune began with the invisible cathedral. A series as only Alexandro Jodorowsky has the secret. A complex universe dominated by oppressive and omnipresent politico-religious powers. A dense story, with multiple ramifications. His collaboration with the gifted Fran├žois Boucq is the icing on the cake. Whatever the scene, his drawing does not seem to know limits and when you know the imagination overflowing Jodorowsky, we can only say that they are well! In short, a first volume promising, quickly more!

The Daring Brigade (Romania)

(Brigada indraznetilor) The band with Beatlesi as welders (with guitar with everything!), Brigadier bosses that bring Iusuf (from the rookies of Michael the Brave) and a beautiful girl, like ... "Meeting in space"? The subject, clearly, dictated by the dark times. After the heavy winter of '84 began the darkest phase of communism in Romania: current breaks, TV program 2 hours a day, naked food and so on.


The Horrible Weapon and other stories (ENG)(scanlation)(Sparkie&MickRC)(SZ).rar | 29.7 MB | LINK:
Face de Lune vol1.cbr | 211.55 MB | LINK:
The Daring Brigade (Romania)(Terra- Dreamer).cbr | 6.53 MB | LINK:

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