Sunday, January 14, 2018

Non Album Collection 99

Walk of the Dead (2016)

Eric wakes up in an empty hospital, he does not remember anything. These few minutes of coma must have been terrible for him. Finally another human being appears! (finally, a nurse plump) At the other end of the city, a teacher inoculates a virus to a bimbo with big breasts. The unfortunate man lets her escape, triggering the end of the world. Eric's life is rocking. But first, he's going to get a smoothie.

The Eternaut (2016)

For the first time in English, this seminal Argentinian science fiction graphic novel whose main character is still viewed as a symbol of resistance in Latin America.This originally appeared as weekly installments from 1957-59. Juan Salvo, the inimitable protagonist, along with his friend Professor Favalli and the tenacious metal-worker Franco, face what appears to be a nuclear accident, but quickly turns out to be something much bigger than they had imagined. Cold War tensions, aliens of all sizes, space-and time travel-this one has it all.

The Promised Land (Romania-1982)

Sci-Fi (Terra-Dreamer) Scanlation.


Walk of the Dead (2016) (Sosich).cbr | 64.51 MB | LINK:
The Eternaut (2016) (Digital) (phillywilly-Empire).cbr | 637.02 MB | LINK:
The Promised Land (Romania-1982).cbr | 11.98 MB | LINK:

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