Friday, January 1, 2016


It’s the second World War and Ian Fleming (the creator of James Bond) is a spy in His Majesty’s Secret Service. Spynest imagines a world in which he meets an extraordinary agent. The bravest, most cynical, most ferocious and most... female of them all: Terryiona Crow! This espionage comic created by Jean-Luc Sala, and drawing by Christophe Alliel.
In 1940 the unlikeliest of spy duos will determine the outcome of the largest and bloodiest of all conflicts. To prevent the Nazis signing a humiliating sham of a peace treaty with England, the finest agent in service to his Majesty is ordered to kill... his Majesty, Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor and former King of England! Ian Fleming, secret agent and future creator of James Bond, joins the one-woman-army that is Terryiona Crow on a mission that will mark his life forever. For the legend to be born a King must die! TPB-length series by Soleil starring James Bond author Ian Fleming.


Spynest #1 - Birdwatchers (English) (2011) (Alice).cbz | 41,60 MB | LINK:
Spynest #2 - Operation Excalibur (English) (2012) (Alice).cbz | 42,51 MB | LINK:
Spynest #3 - Operation Eaglet (2015) (Scanlation).cbr | 66,64 MB | LINK:


Spynest - Tome 1 - Birdwatchers (Repost).cbr | 79.9 MB | LINK:
Spynest - Tome 2 - Operation Excalibur (Repost).cbr | 80.9 MB | LINK:
Spynest - Tome 3 - Opération Aiglon.cbr | 78.3 MB | LINK:

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