Monday, June 27, 2016

Ali Beber

Ali Beber was a series of cartoons comic developed by Belgian, Blareau to scripts and Bédu drawing between 1980 and 1982 for the magazine Tintin. It is inspired by the famous tale of Ali Baba from the collection of The Arabian Nights. 
The Lombard publishing compiled them in his collection "Bédéchouette" composed albums of 32 pages hardcover: Le scorpion noir (1985), La clef du bonheur (1986) and L'ombre blanche (1987). Meanwhile, he had already begun publication in other languages. Thus, in Spanish, in different publications Bruguera publishing.


Ali Béber 1 - Le scorpion noir.pdf | 15.8 MB | LINK:
Ali Béber 2 - La clef du bonheur.pdf | 25.5 MB | LINK:
Ali Béber 3 - L'ombre blanche.pdf | 62.2 MB | LINK:

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