Sunday, June 5, 2016


We are in 1938 and the war rumbles. Diane Hunter was the last link with the world of Ahota. Before dying, the old Indian has a premonition: find his descendants donations uncommon to save the world from a terrible threat. And Peter Braun, the first heir to the young Canadian meeting, works as a decorator on the disturbing zeppelin ordered by Hitler, Hindenburg
The fire that lit up America. Diane Hunter, the young Canadian journalist off in search of the descendants of the old Indian Ahota donations uncommon, is taken prisoner by the Nazis while trying to save the first of them, Peter Braun. Released by the latter of the Dachau camp, pursues its mission through a Europe on the verge of explosion and found the second down on the barricades of the Spanish Civil War in Barcelona. But that's not counting the presence of the Knights Spirit Hitler sent to Madrid to speed up entry into the war of Spain. Scenario: Patrice Ordas, Cothias Patrick. Design: TieKo.


Hindenburg T1 Threat of the Twilight (2013) (Sosich).cbr | 37 MB | LINK:
Hindenburg T2 Pride of the Cowards (2014) (Sosich).cbr | 58 MB | LINK:
Hindenburg T3 Ahota's Lightning (2015) (Matorimikica & Sosich).cbr | 44.13MB | LINK:


Hindenburg 1 - La Menace d'un Crepuscule.cbr | 20 MB | LINK:

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