Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Am a Cathar

Legend has it that Guilhem Roche fought all night against an elusive character, and that dawn, he lost his memory when his sword across the body of the shadow knight. Since the young man follows medicinal Eymeric Master's teachings, the one who collected the day after this strange night. Guilhem excels in this area, so that his miraculous reputation as a healer manages to Aryans, where the Inquisition rages. I Am a Cathar. Scenario: Makyo (Pierre Fournier) | Design: Alessandro Calore.
Following his battle with an elusive shadow knight Guilhem Roche became amnesiac and ends up with a strange gift of healing. This donation will allow him to find his brother Arnaut he thought he had killed after a serious quarrel about a woman whose two young men were lovers. This woman named Nita is now affected by a fatal and incurable disease. But confused snippets of memories of the fateful day when Guilhem was separated Arnaut will sow doubt as to the true identity of the man who introduced himself as her brother. The gift of Guilhem drew the attention of the Inquisition which tracks relentlessly Cathars and their leader Simon Azalaïs Guilhem which seems to have received his healing gifts.


I Am a Cathar T1 The Elusive Perfect (2008) (Jon Snow & Sosich & veseli22).cbr | 41 MB | LINK:
I Am a Cathar T2 Unpardonable Pardon (2008) (Jon Snow & Sosich & veseli22).cbr | 54 MB | LINK:
I Am a Cathar T3 Recovered Vastness (2009) (Jon Snow & Sosich & veseli22).cbr | 58 MB | LINK:
I Am a Cathar T4 Lightness of the World (2011) (Jon Snow & Sosich & veseli22).cbr | 68 MB | LINK:
I Am a Cathar v5 The Large Labyrinth (2013) (Sosich).cbr | 64.18 MB | LINK:
I Am a Cathar v6 The Small Labyrinth (2015) (Sosich).cbr | 77.41 MB | LINK:
I Am a Cathar v7 The Fulfillment (2017) (Sosich).cbr | 48.36 MB | LINK:


Je suis Cathare V1 #1 (of 4) (2008).pdf | 40 MB | LINK:
Je suis Cathare V2 #2 (of 4) (2008).pdf | 53 MB | LINK:
Je suis Cathare V3 #3 (of 4) (2009).pdf | 66 MB | LINK:
Je suis Cathare V4 #4 (of 4) (2011).pdf | 77 MB | LINK:

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