Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Zenith Of Dragons

Acquitted by Nuremberg, a former Nazi archaeologist discovers a passage to Agartha as Wewelsburg. A spin-off of  The order of dragons pursuing pleasantly overused theme of the Nazi occultism. It is a long time, during the Crusades, a deal between Muslim and Christian knights turns massacre. The dispute was a precious chalice made ​​by a mysterious battleship rider the end of April 1945, after an intensive bombardment of Berlin, the Allied victory is gained. Hitler and Goebbels committed suicide in their bunker. Among his last orders, the Führer did flood the subway in the capital in order to block the progression of Russian troops. This flood drowns more than a thousand German refugees there to escape the bomb rain. Among them is Paula, who manages to escape just grab a time scale. She believes hallucinate when between two waters, she sees four creatures walking in a hallway carrying a coffin. The first volume of this series is a spin-off of  The order of dragons, managed by Jean-Luc Istin. Scriptwriter: Eric Corbeyran, Drawing: Denis Rodier. Zenith Of Dragons.
A few hours later, German officers accept the surrender by going to a US headquarters. Among them, the archaeologist and Lieutenant Ernst Schäfer denies having subscribed to Nazi ideology. He explained by saying that he has accepted promotions in the only goal to continue his scientific research. The Nuremberg trial acquit indeed strangely. At the end, he was contacted by Hermann Bartels, an architect who wants to negotiate a similar protection. Bartels delivers in exchange a top-secret information: he was asked to restore the eyrie of Hitler to Wewelsburg. But according to him, under a tower, is still access to something occult and powerful.


Zenith of Dragons T1 Ancestral Heritage (2011) (Sosich).cbr | 74 MB | LINK:
Zenith of Dragons T2 The Chalice of Thule (2013) (Sosich).cbr | 79 MB | LINK:


L'Apogée des Dragons - Tome 1 - L'héritage Ancestral.cbr | 75.7 MB | LINK:
L'Apogée des Dragons - Tome 2 - Le Calice de Thulé.cbr | 80.5 MB | LINK:

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