Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Secret Space War

Faithful member of the Communist Party, Anatoly Nechayev has been assigned to the Baikonur Cosmodrome to supervise the installation of the first Russian intercontinental missile. Upon his arrival, he faced an icy reception. Tensions grew with the first failures of the base to the murder of an engineer who triggered a wave of suspicion a KGB agent is then dispatched. A comic by Regis Hautière and Damien Cuvillier. Secret Space War.
Baïkonour, 1957. In a few months the Soviet Union will celebrate the forty years of its revolution. To make an impression and show the Soviet superiority to the world, Khrushchev wants to "build the most terrifying weapon the world has ever known." The race against time and against the opponent is started, the space war began. First in a series of five albums, 1957 Sputnik inaugurated a new saga depicting the US-Russian competition for the conquest of space. The clash will be remote, far from the battlefields. All in all, in times of cold war, the fact that the protagonists are cut off from the world offers no guarantee. Especially as the danger and the enemy can be found within its ranks because of the rivalry born of stubborn hatred that some dedicate themselves. Documented as required by distilling technical and historical information accurately and without heaviness, the story of Regis Hautière therefore focuses on the events taking place in this vacuum.


Secret Space War T1 1957 Sputnik (2010) (Sosich).cbr | 82 MB | LINK:
Secret Space War T2 1961 Gagarin (2012) (Sosich).cbr | 66 MB | LINK:


La Guerre Secrète de l'Espace - Tome 1 - 1957 Spoutnik.cbr | 165,71 MB | LINK:
La Guerre Secrète de l'Espace - Tome 2 - 1961 Gagarine.cbr | 142,40 MB | LINK:

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