Sunday, June 26, 2016


Planet Axis was chosen to host the first race of the season of Formula A, auto racing star of the 27th century. An ultra dangerous and demanding race, as taking place over 40 days and 40,000 kilometers! Two problems arise with the organizers and challenge the race with huge economic stakes. To begin defending champion does not want to play the game rules he decided to prove that he could be the best without the usual doping his discipline. And secondly, the planet does not seem uninhabited, as the laws require: a centuries-old message sent by a team of explorers abandoned, revealed at the last time the existence of a Aboriginal civilization, who economic issues or compliance with laws and ethics in sport, win? In response to two albums next four months apart. A comic by Laurent-Frédéric Bollee and Siro. Speedway.
The most famous auto competitions XXVII century, universal championship Formula A, takes place on 13 planets circuits. Froilan, double defending champion, wants to try to win a third crown without the help of the drug that allows him to sharpen his senses, but the task is not easy. Especially since the first race to take place on planet Axis seems compromised: a radio message just be captured. But the law is strict: the planets circuits should not be inhabited. What has happened, then it was 500 years ago? The story begins as a grand prize of Formula 1: a foreword by Sebastien Bourdais instead of a comment by Jacques Laffite, a grid with bright colors, engines roaring and revving a thunderous start. However, science fiction quickly takes over, relegating racing to a mere pretext.


Speedway T1 Axis Priority (2010) (Sosich).cbr | 80 MB | LINK:
Speedway T2 Axis Reality (2010) (Sosich).cbr | 84 MB | LINK:


Speedway - Tome 1 - Axis Priority.cbr | 77.8 MB | LINK:
Speedway - Tome 2 - Axis Reality.cbr | 82.7 MB | LINK:

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